Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This year's 2010-2011 Alumni Scholarship Recipients are...

This year's Alumni Scholars...

Jeremy Casey – Jie (pronounced “J”) is an Integrative Therapeutic Practices major with a Pre-Health minor. After graduation his plans are to attend medical school to pursue a dual degree in osteopathy and public health.

Alejandra Coria Espino
- is a Social Work major. She plans on becoming a Social Worker to make our communities better for our youth to grow and develop.

John Friedkin - is a Psychology major with a minor in Elementary Education. After graduation he plans on teaching in Denver Public Schools.

Natalie Gray - is a Teacher Licensure major and plans to become an elementary school teacher. He plans on teaching, learning and leading through example.

Lisa Mallie - is an Individualized Degree Program major obtaining a degree in Nonprofit administration. She will use her degree to manage the nonprofit she founded called “For The Love of Grace”.

Gena Meyer – is a Special Education/ Elementary education
major who wants to help children reach their greatest potential at
succeeding in life.

Shawn Taylor – is an Art major with an emphasis in sculpture and a minor in Art History. After graduation he plans to become an architect and to work in higher education building the best educational facilities.

Lisa Waechter - is a candidate for Teacher Licensure in the area of Special Education. She will use her degree to not only teach but to continue to lift up those who may not be fully embraced by our society.

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