Monday, November 1, 2010

From College to Career: Alumna April Abernethy

By April Abernethy, Metro State Alumna, 2009

As a freshman at Metro State in 2006, I had no idea the impact the college would have on me and how much it would continue to influence my life. I gained an incredible amount of insight into diversity, higher education processes, and student development. Much of the insight I attained during my classes but a considerable amount I attained by working for the college as a student employee at the Career Services Office. The Career Services Office provided me with many opportunities to improve my professional skills, identify my career goals, and develop self-awareness. I worked primarily as the Employer Relations Assistant
during this time, but I built skills that prepared me for the start of the rest of my career.

The path to attaining my first position after graduating from Metro was rough. Although I felt prepared with the knowledge I gained and the skills I developed, I felt very discouraged with the tough job market. After graduating, I was unemployed for nine months, which compared to others, is not as long, but after working so hard to earn a degree, it felt very disconcerting. It was the work experience and connections I made at the Career Services that eventually helped me land my first position out of college. My former supervisor informed me of a position that I was qualified for and was in the exact field I wanted to get into. Ultimately, I got the job.

The transition from college to full-time work is not something you can prepare for entirely, but with the help of student services offices such as Career Services I was able to attain the exact job I was looking for. I believe firmly that it is important to utilize the Career Services Office while in school and as an alumnus/a so that one can handle the major transition with ease. With the knowledge the staff has, their unconditional support, and their infectious optimism, I was able to achieve what I set out to do upon graduation. I have utilized all the skills I learned, the connections I made, and the confidence I gained while working at Career Services in my new position, and only hope to give back what Metro State and its Career Services Office gave to me.

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