Monday, March 22, 2010

Metro State College's 45th Anniversary Share It Program encourages alumni to share their stories about Metro

As a way to celebrate its 45 Anniversary and the students, faculty, and staff who make Metro the diverse, progressive college it is, Metro State College of Denver is promoting an online contest called, Share It. Monthly winners will be selected in each category. Thus, there are three chances for you to win each month. What can you win? Lots of things, but the two big prizes are (second prize) a Kodak Zx1 HD pocket digital video camera and (first prize) an Apple Ipad (What's that? click here to find out). Stay posted for a list of additional prizes.

So, what do you have to do? Easy. Tell us what Metro State means to you in creative, fun, or inspiring words, photos, or a video. You can get more details on posting your photos and videos by clicking here. You can submit your written story anywhere on our social media sites. Post it here as a response, or post it on LinkedIn. I will grab it and submit it on the official website for you. Thanks for participating!

Oh yeah, and take a look at this fun entry by Paul Cesare. He reminisces about the Metro versus Kentucky Wesleyan Division II National Championship that was televised.

-Lizzy Scully

Paul Cesare
Memory: My Metro State Memory by Paul Cesare

Watching Metro State's 1999-2000 Men's Basketball Team on National television (CBS Sports) win the NCAA Division II National Championship game against Kentucky Wesleyan.

Who would have ever imagined it? Winning the national championship put Metro State front and center in the national spotlight. Metro's image/reputation would never be the same again. As a college representative in the Office of Admissions, I can vouch for it. I'll never forget the solid team effort, especially on defense and the remarkable ball-handing and scoring performance by Denver native, DeMarcos Anzures! The team was coached by Mike Dunlap, who was hired after the first-choice coach accepted another position at a Division I college.

The 1999-2000 Metro State's Men's basketball team's Home record was 19-0, - no one could touch us in our own backyard. The noise by the ever-increasing fanbase at the Auraria Events Center home games was thundering and as deafening as I've ever witnessed. The team's 33-4 overall record was the best finish by any Colorado college team in history! Metro State - the once obscure, forgotten college in downtown Denver with no-name players and coaches on that fateful day in March 2000 became a nationally recognized champion - what a memory!

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