Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Featured MERGE artist Gabriel Christus

Gabriel Christus ('03, art, and '10, JRN) is this Tuesday’s featured MERGE artist. Christus is a photojournalist based in Denver, Colo. During his time at school interned at the Loveland Reporter-Herald , The Denver Broncos, and the Aurora Sentinel. Christus first became serious about photography in high school when he took his first photo class. Thus, he decided to pursue a degree in art, which he got in 2003. As his focus changed, he decided to return to Metro State for a second degree in photojournalism, which he earned this past spring, 2010. Currently he works as a freelance photographer for local newspapers.

Metro State: How would you characterize your art?
Gabriel Christus: My art is photojournalism. I capture moments of people doing what they do best, living.

MS: Tell me about your latest work and why you are inspired by it.
GC: My latest work is my daily assignments while shooting news for the Aurora Sentinel.

MS: In what ways did your Metro State professors influence your work?
GC: Well, I was always inspired by photography that showed real people in real situations. My photo professors inspired me by making me look into photographers that interest me. Most recently Kenn Bisio, photojournalism professor at Metro, has inspired me to take beautiful pictures.

MS: How has your work evolved since you graduated?
GC: After graduating in 2003 I was not shooting as much as I would have liked. I decided to return to school for photojournalism. I graduated in Spring of 2010 with another bachelor's degree in journalism.

MS: Tell me why you submitted the pieces that you did for MERGE.
GC: The pieces I submitted were shot on assignment for the Loveland Reporter-Herald. I chose them because not only did they tell the story of what was going on, but they were also well composed and could stand alone without any context.

MS: How do you feel about this opportunity to present your work for Metro State’s new CVA facility?.
GC: I am very excited to be showing at the new CVA.

For more information, please visit his Web site.

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